Resources for Clients

Watch my video below, and be sure to hit "publish" on top right of your page after you make edits you want to make live. Have fun! 

Instructions: Editing and Updating Your Website

Shown in video above.

  1. Log in HERE

  2. Click blue EDIT SITE button on the dashboard 

  3. In the top left corner under WIX, click the blue down arrow next to your main page (usually called HOME)

  4. Then, scroll to the bottom and click “manage pages”. 

  5. Then, simply click on the page that you wish to edit

  6. Right click on the element you wish to edit.

  7. To edit text, right click the text box and select edit text. Then you can change font size, color, spacing, etc and the text itself

  8. To replace an image, right click on the image and click “change image”

  9. To delete an element, you can select it and hit delete on your keyboard 

  10. To move elements, simply drag them around on the page. 

  11. Have fun!

Additional Resource:

Wix Editor Basics Video (Created by Wix, not by me.)